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Favorite Links
There are a number of web sites that I consider worth recommending, and it is this select group that I'll list on this page.  Of course, I also have a much larger number of web sites that I enjoy and visit often, but I don't plan to put my entire list of bookmarked favorites here.  That would be overwhelming and the power of my recommendation would be lost in the sheer volume.  So the ones that are listed are the ones that have risen to the top, the cream of the crop as it were.  
I'll begin by adding a few and keep updating the list as my time permits.
I selected this web site as my home page to open each time I open my browser because it contains such a variety of useful links.  Almost anything you can want to find can be found from this page.  Recently I faced a dilemma about whether to go along with the site's decision to start charging for use of its "select" services.  Like most people I was reluctant to pay for content on the web, but I decided to go ahead and do so for at least a year and decide at the end of that time whether I thought it worth doing.  But even the "free" site is well worth visiting and saving as a favorite.  The URL is
Password Safe
This FREE program was created by Bruce Schneier, whom I have mentioned elsewhere on this site, as a way to solve the problem of dealing with all the passwords a user should use on the Internet.  The best description of his program is contained in a couple of paragraphs from his site.
Many computer users today have to keep track of dozens of passwords: for network accounts, online services, premium web sites. Some write their passwords on a piece of paper, leaving their accounts vulnerable to thieves or in-house snoops. Others choose the same password for different applications, which makes life easy for intruders of all kinds.

With Password Safe, a free Windows 9x/2000 utility from Counterpane Labs, users can keep their passwords securely encrypted on their computers. A single Safe Combination--just one thing to remember--unlocks them all.
The URL for this site is

National Public Radio
As a fan of the various news programs offered by NPR, I am pleased to be able to listen to programs like All Things Considered and Morning Edition even if my schedule doesn't permit me to listen to them when they are on live.  These sites make that possible.  The sites require that you have the RealAudio program, in order to listen to the segments.  A link on each day's program permits listening to the entire program, but even better, the individual segments of the program have individual links, so one can pick and choose which segments he is interested in and listen just to those.
All Things Considered
Morning Edition
Weekend Edition
Additionally, Garrison Keiler's A Prairie Home Companion has a web presence that has the same RealAudio features available.  Now there is no excuse for missing one of these entertaining shows.
Google Toolbar
The Google search engine is one of the best on the web.  This add-on for Internet Explorer 5.0 and greater, places the search engine on IE's toolbar thus eliminating the need to visit the Google web site just to use it.  If you are using IE 5.0 or greater, it is a must have.  Highly recommended. The URL is